Hi to all,like to have some help with login. Somehow managed to install Repetier-Server, but can not log in? Thank you for any help.  


  • After installation there is no login required except when you have defined a user. Then the gui asks for user and password. See
    on how to reset all users so you have no password required again.
  • Thank you again,try to do the best,Klipper+Repetier. When i buy the Repetier-Server would be easier to install? Do not like to use Raspberry Pi. 
  • Not sure if klipper works without a pi.
    Installation is the same for pro version. Actually only difference is that you enter a license code to activate extra features, but does not change login problem or anything else.
  • Thank you again,so for klipper i could just install Repetier-Server.img and i can install Klipper.
  • Yes just follow klipper installation instructions. Image also has python and can be installed just as described. Just replace what is described for octoprint with same action in repetier and select klipper as firmware in server.
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