Hi to all could someone point me to the right direction,how to start with Klipper. Do i need Repetier Server,? or just Repetier Host.  Thank you for your time. You talk to a complete newbie.


  • Only our Repetier-Server can communicate with klipper.
    Read also https://www.repetier-server.com/knowledgebase/klipper/ for a special problem with klipper permissions.
    You install all this on your pi (assume klipper still only works on pi). 

    You can then use in host the repetier-server connector to connect to server with klipper or use the native server gui in web browser and upload gcodes there (created with host for example).
  • Thank you only used Klipper and easy to install and operate 
  • Just use our pi image and install klipper same way and you should be able to connect to it. Or use linux and should work the same I think. 
  • Thank you would be the best easiest.
  • Well second day and could not go over on main pages. Downloaded Repetier-Server image,loaded,look like working,but could not load printer.cfg  and could not load Klipper. Any help would be appreciate. Thank you. 
  • Tis is where i stack   :Uploading firmware binary ...
  • Make sure server is not using the serial of your board! Server talks with klipper using /tmp/printer I think it was and klipper communicates with server so klipper needs the serial. Then it should work.
  • Thank you i try again.
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