Repetier-Server API on RPi Version 0.94.3

Hello gents,
I´m programming a telegram bot on the web API right now. Is it possible that you have some bugs in the internal distribution of your data?
First i found some differences between the API documentation. There are some events not in the docs.
Some of the Events are not send out, e.g. i´ve received the event prepareJob but not the preparedJobFinished. I didn´t receive the jobStarted event too.
Is there a bug known...



  • and some of the events are not documented...but the server sends them...
  • You have a type. It is prepareJobFinished without d.

    I tested it my self and got all 3 events in one response:

    1. {callback_id: -1, data: [{data: {}, event: "prepareJob", printer: "Anycubic_I3"},…], eventList: true}
      1. callback_id: -1
      2. data: [{data: {}, event: "prepareJob", printer: "Anycubic_I3"},…]
        1. 0: {data: {}, event: "prepareJob", printer: "Anycubic_I3"}
        2. 1: {data: {modelId: 2,…}, event: "gcodeInfoUpdated", printer: "Anycubic_I3"}
        3. 2: {data: {slug: "Anycubic_I3"}, event: "jobsChanged", printer: "Anycubic_I3"}
        4. 3: {,…}
        5. 4: {data: {activeExtruder: 0, debugLevel: 6, doorOpen: false,…}, event: "state", printer: "Anycubic_I3"}
        6. 5: {data: {start: 1603017806}, event: "jobStarted", printer: "Anycubic_I3"}
        7. 6: {data: {slug: "Anycubic_I3"}, event: "printqueueChanged", printer: "Anycubic_I3"}
        8. 7: {data: {}, event: "prepareJobFinished", printer: "Anycubic_I3"}
      3. eventList: true
    Did you maybe forget to parse all entries of the event list? As you see they are all there.

    Regarding undocumented  events - yes may exist. If you see one I forgot let me know and I add the description. There are also some undescribed actions especially the configuration calls are not documented since no one does this on it's own and they are quite critical and may change.
  • Hello, thanks a lot for your really quick answer (i am always impressed for you guys, like supporting 24/7 :o) ).
    Yes, i found out that somehow the data: .... is not a fixed thing, somehow hard to program via debbuging :o), but nevertheless, i am not a professional "programmer" but i get ahead. I got sometimes with the "temp" events exceptions and wondering why...ok...there was only one temp send out and not from hotend and bed. ...
    But on other side, i see a lot of questions popping up, because of lack of documentation. But i am a sportsman, lol
    Ok, i think i´ll implement something in my code which sends me a message to collect the missing once and i will answer in this thread about it.
    Have a nice rest of the weekend...regards
  • sorry...smilies should be this one :)
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