Support for color mixing extruders

I have an M3D Quad Crane 3D printer. this has a color mixing extruder with 4 Filaments feeding a single extruder.  
This supports full, dynamic color mixing and extrusion within the range of the installed filaments.  However. finding a slicer to properly support this is tough.  Voxelizer supports this but it seems they are not at all responsive. Ultimaker Cura supports some of the functionality with a plugin but it can't handle Gradient coloring.  

Any thoughts how to support this in Repetier?


  • With fdm printer is is nearly impossible to make it real color. When you get which mixing result is hard to predict and you can not make hard breaks at all e.g. Go black to white is not possible. You would need to purge somewhere until color changes. Which is actually what you do when using Prusa Slicer. You assign each color a virtual extruder with the required mixing ratio and define minimum extrusion for color change. Then the prime pillar is used to change colors - or also infills where colors are not visible so you have less usage in prime pillar. But that is the max I would know how to do with mixing extruders.

    For real multi color prints you need a different printing technique with powder glue and color ink that is used to add the color. Maybe you have seen these printers already. They are used to print scanned persons in 3d. But these printers are not sliced like fdm printers so also have different slicers not compatible with fdm and host/server.
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