E3D v6 Max Temp

Hi all,
I have Repetier Server Pro running on a Raspberry Pie. I just upgraded to version 0.94.3. I just installed the E3D V6 Gold Edition hotend. I see that the max Temp in Repetier server I can set manually is 260c. My Hotend can go to 285c. Is this a software issue with Repetier Server or is Repetier Server reading the firmware of my printer as only 260c? I am also trying to see why I am getting a Max Temp error message when I try to go over 260c.

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  • First the value in repetier is just to adjust the knob control to the maximum value. So just increase it. The real test if a temperature is allowed happens in firmware. See in console for the error message. If it writes
    recv: ....

    it means the message comes from firmware and then you have set 260 as limit in firmware as well.
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