32 bit board printing issues - 8 bit OK!

I’ve been using Repetier Host on Windows with 4x 8 bit board Enders for 2 years and no trouble at all. I’ve just upgraded one machine to 32 bit and bought a 5th Ender with a 32 bit board and have developed problems when trying to print with the 32 bit machines and no problems still on 8 bit machines:

I can connect, heat the bed and hot end and jog around the print area but when I start to print, immediately the print head pauses, and moves back and forth whilst progressing on the perimeters causing a bad surface quality and bed adhesion. 

I’ve narrowed it down to Repetier just not liking the 32 bit for some reason. 

I have always sliced with Simplify 3D and tonight I tried the connection through their machine console and it works perfect and trouble free using the same sliced models, baud rate and USB cables that work on the 8 bit boards / machines on Repetier. I want to keep using Repetier as my preferred controller.  

Am I missing some settings in Repetier that I need to change to accomodate 32 bit? Or any thing else?

Thanks in advance. 


  • Please have a look at the log (easy mode off). My guess is that you see many resend requests indicating that the input buffer length you used is too high. Try reducing it to 63 and if that does not help enable ping pong mode instead (which is what simplify uses for communication). Then you should see the resends disappear.
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