Server Monitor

Im running 22 printers on 6 Raspberry Pi's and have found the server monitor to be an amazing addition to your line-up, Thank you!  My question is this.. On the right hand side of the monitor there is basic "help" instructions.  Is there a way this can be removed so I have more screen room for my printers? If not, can this serve as an update suggestion?? 

Thank you again!


  • Actually it is more than a help section - you can click on the eye icon and you see more details from one printer of interest while you still see all others in the overview.

    But I understand that with many printers having the full width to view them is also helpful. I'm thinking now about a close button and the side would open again if someone clicks the eye icon to see the infos. Guess that would be a good compromise to all so you can decide what you want.

    Did you also not that we have ordering and filtering rules in basic settings to only show active printers and printing one first?
  • Filtering the printers is a feature I use and it is very helpful.  I'm using a smaller tablet as my main server monitor controller and to be able to use all available space to cram printers on the screen would limit the amount of scrolling.
  • I'm already adding the close button for right side:-)
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