Question about hard-wiring Raspberry Pi.

The wifi is quite weak in the area of our house where my printers are located. 

So I've run a Cat V cable to hard wire the Pi, but now I don't know how to connect from the Mac.  The only option showing on the Pi screen is WLAN...

Sorry, I'm not very knowledgeable with wifi and modems etc.


  • If you have cat cable connected to your router there is nothing to configure. You should be in internet directly.

    On mac you can also use zeroconf name, so just call


    in your browser and it should show up regardless of the assigned ip. Or check router which ip the raspberry could have when you check the connected devices. My router also shows the hostnames so I see it even as RepetierServer.
  • Thank you.  The repetierserver.local link didn't work, but I went into my router and found its IP address.  It connected immediately!  (I hope it doesn't keep changing...)

    It was always such a chore and a wait to get the wifi connection happening.  It was always unstable, dropping out a lot, and it took ages to upload a gcode file.

    This is going to make my life much easier.

    Thanks again!
  • Check router and bind the ip to the mac address. Normally only way to make the ip permanent.
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