WLAN configuration on sd card

Where do you insert the actual ssid and its password in this code?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
    <!-- repeat the following network block for each network it should log in -->
    <network active="true"> <!-- set active to false if you do not want to try to connect to that network. -->
        <!-- Neighbouring networks can be added with ignore true, so they do not get listed all the time
        making it easier to select the network -->
        <!-- use hidden="true" for hidden ssid. This will make the network the only one
        that gets tried to connect since we do not know if it is there or not. -->
        <ssid hidden="false">DemoSSID</ssid>
        <!-- password method must none, psk2, psk or wep -->
        <password method="psk2">TestPassword</password>
        <!-- Normally you leave the following parameter to auto so values retrieved
        from your dhcp server are used. Change them only if you need to enforce different
        values. -->
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