repetier-network.xml on sd card for pi 3

where do you enter the said and password in this file...not familier with this coding language?


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    raspgraph said:
    where do you enter the ssid and password in this file...not familier with this coding language<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>


        <!-- repeat the following network block for each network it should log in -->     <network active="true"> <!-- set active to false if you do not want to try to connect to that network. -->         <!-- Neighbouring networks can be added with ignore true, so they do not get listed all the time         making it easier to select the network -->         <ignore>false</ignore>         <!-- use hidden="true" for hidden ssid. This will make the network the only one         that gets tried to connect since we do not know if it is there or not. -->         <ssid hidden="false">DemoSSID</ssid>         <!-- password method must none, psk2, psk or wep -->         <password method="psk2">TestPassword</password>         <!-- Normally you leave the following parameter to auto so values retrieved         from your dhcp server are used. Change them only if you need to enforce different         values. -->         <ip4>auto</ip4>         <gateway4>auto</gateway4>         <dns4>auto</dns4>         <address4></address4>
  • In this example you would replace DemoSSID with your router SSID and TestPassword with your password.

    But normally the server will put the pi into access point mode so you connect to the RepetierServer access point e.g. with your mobile using password 12345678 and then go to global settings->Network and configure network to use your region (do this first) and then select your router and enter password and you are done.
  • Hi
    Did that, am still stuck with the screen asking for licence key and has a qr code in the middle  which I can't show on this forum. ( that is the access point I presume.)
    But it doesn't allow me to use mouse or keyboard to perform any actions and the web link shown is in accessible via my mobile on the same SSID.
    Does the SSID and password have to be in quotes?

  • Ok, if you have a screen it is much easier. Keyboard will not work here interface is for touchscreens. If you have no touchscreen but a mouse you need to edit /boot/repetier-image-setup.txt and set HIDE_MOUSE=0 then after next reboot you will see the mouse cursor.

    On sidebar you have wlan icon where you can also configure the network. Select it, hit more and set region. Then go to wlan and select your router and enter password and it connects.
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