Can we have a way to set speed up / down % based on layer ranges ?

When printing  I like going slow down the bottom  , then speeding up 300% for sections I do not care about then their are some layers I need good adhesion to allow them to be air tight and  slow % back down then speed up again to continue model 

is it possible to add a section to map out speeds for the model ? 

 0-20 50%
20-100 100%
100-150 200%
150-500 300%
500-550 200%
550-600 100%
600-800 300% 

currently I look at the print preview find the layers where I want changes and work out how long it will take to get to that section set an alarm and manually adjust the speed slider 


  • No, that is not possible at the moment. But I don't think it will come in host. Maybe some time in repetier-server, but there are many other things with higher priority.
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