Issue with Bed Output

I think I have identified a small bug with the way Repetier handles the bed output graph (atleast with a Printrbot Simple Metal)

If you are manually heating the bed, or you are actually printing, the bed output is correctly displayed. So far so good.

If you click on start print before the bed and extruder are at temperature, the bed output slowly goes from 100 to 0 even though the output is still actually 100%. Once the printer reaches temperature and actually starts printing, the bed output is correctly displayed.



  • That is a firmware problem I guess, also I see not your image. Print code has M109/M190 so host can not send temperature request. I guess the firmware does not send bed temperatures while heating and as soon as it is finished we get responses to M105 with right temperatures.
  • Thanks for the quick reply. I tried to post this image (not that it was critical). For somereason, it would not display. I will followup with the Printrbot guys.
  • I took a closer look. It isn't the temperature, it is the bed output. 
  • Ok, I see but I also see that it still is heating so firmware does what it should only that it does not report bed output level while heating extruder. So still firmware related I'd say but more a cosmetic problem.
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