Repetier server on raspberry pi zero

I have been using repetier server on raspberry pi zero but suddently it does not work anymore. Tried to download the latest image file again but it just says that its for armv7 and zero is armv6. It then says that i should update so the right version is installed. But it does not work. I cant connect to the ip adress even if im on the repetierServer network. It just says "bad gateway 502" in the browser.

What to do?


  • In deed a problem. You can not connect because it is only connected to your mobile and has no routes to find the v6 server version. Easiest solution would be if usb web connection works. Then you can access is from your pc which also works as gateway.

    I'm currently working on a new image with some improvements. Will do some tests for a good solution here as well. Eventually having the v6 version also as file and autoinstall it when v6 is detected.
  • That means that it should work from my phone? 
    Seems like the problem is that it wont install the v6 version.
    I have connected it to a monitor and can log in via command line on the pi. But then i cant get any further because it wont install the v6 version

  • I get the same message when connecting with the phone and goes to in the browser. "Bad gateway"
  • There was a problem with my router, not the pi...

  • So you got internet connection to get the files now? Otherwise copy the deb file to usb stick and mount it so you can install it.
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