Problems differentiating printers.

I have 4 printers of the same model and if I disconnect any and the system reboots the printers connect to different profiles. Even printers connect through a usb hub.

There are 2 parameters in Marlin to identify printers "Custom Machine Name" and "Machine UUID".
Could we incorporate them when connecting each profile to each machine?

Especially thinking about the future since you have said that you plan to incorporate a filament management system. Besides, if the printer changes profile, the extruded filament and usage time count is lost, which is useful when it comes to knowing when to perform maintenance.


  • We can only detect by serial. If you are using a linux system use the path of connection (port connected) as serial by selecting it over /dev/serial/by-path/...   - these are always the same for same port and link to the real names which depend on detection order.
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