Warn user when getting a certain amount of communication timeout warnings

I would suggest that the user should be informed by showing a modal window if the server detects a certain amount of communication timeout warnings. Maybe the modal should also contain some suggestions to solve the problem (usb cable or lower input buffer setting).

I was having some problems on prints with longer duration times where lines were missing etc. I first thought the slicer was giving me trouble, then checked the i3 Mega S for hardware problems or low quality usb cable. Took me some time reading through different forums until I finally figured out that my setting of the input buffer was too high. Changed it from 127 to 63 and all problems disappeared.


  • At least we have a position where we stop when it does not recover. But problems due to buffer size are harder. Will check if there is some metric for this that would point to it.
  • Metric is quite hard but I would suggest having more than 10 timeouts per print should show the modal and inform the user as soon as the threshold is reached with a simply modal window in the browser and whatever solution fits on the display.

    Maybe it would also help to have an (optional) summary at the end of printing (or extend the already existing message) and give infos like duration, length filament used errors during print, so no on the fly warning would be necessary.

    My idea was not giving exact solutions to the problem but letting the user know that there are many timeouts which could (and probably would) affect the print quality. As I said, at first I thought of a hardware defect and then realized that there were so many timeouts. It was the last place I assumed there could be a problem.
  • At the moment only connection information gives a report on amount of lines send and number of errors. But these errors are resends due to checksum errors, not necessarily timeout which also trigger resends normally but have different reasons. Might in deed be a interesting metric.
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