After cancel print no home possible

Hello, I have a question about the Repertier server. If I cancel my print, then raise the axis and then want to re-home the axes, the X axis does not move to the starting point; it only moves about 50mm from the current position towards Home. Then the zero point of the printer shifts and it moves to the maximum mechanical stop of the x axis and crashes. However, if I switch the server off and on again, everything can be normal. Why is this happening?


  • Sounds like a printer internal problem. If you look into console/log I guess you in deed did send 
    G28 X0
    so if that does not move fully to the x end stop it is an error of the printer. Can e.g. happen through cross talk to the x end stop while homing. So check which cables are close to x end stop sensor. Maybe the heaters are still on and do it while when reset they are off in same position so no cross talk to them.

    As intermediate solution you can put in your cancel script several G28 X0 in a row to be sure to reach the end stop. In the long run you need to find the source that triggers the x end stop early.
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