1. I installed Nodejs and npm
2. I downloaded the sources for 0.94.3 
3. I followed these instructions on this page (
> npm install gulp-cli -g
> npm install -g @angular/cli

4. then I run them in my path project
>npm install
>gulp all
>ng server

but I have an error
"The serve command requires to be run in an Angular project, but a project definition could not be found."
I Google it but I can't solve it.
Please if u have any idea, let me know


  • Reading the docs I see:
    yarn # (npm install fails for me)
    sure npm install worked for you?
    Just tried it with yarn and gulp all worked.

    ng server
    of course will not work which is why I did not mention it. You need to copy the files to the shadow directory of server. Reason is that they need to be send by server including translations. Quite bad for development and a real time killer.

  • of course, npm doesn't work.
    u mean , I must copy the sources for 0.94.3  to the shadow directory of the server?
    I can't find "the shadow directory of server",where it is exactly?

  • Shadow directory is where you define it to be. From the doc you referenced at the start:

    To allow vendors to deliver printers with their own ideas on what a frontend should contain and look like we publish
    these original sources. You can modify and compile them. Copy the modified version into the shadow www directory at the
    same place and your version will be used instead of the original. That way you can modify anything in the frontend.
    Also this is possible you should be aware or one drawback of this concept. With every update from us there is the
    possibility that we introduce new features or css rules that are required. So you should not deliver the original
    server version to client but a encapsulated version. This encapsulated version installs first you adapted shadow
    system data and then runs the original installer from our server. To achieve this add your custom config override script.
    For linux this would be


    for other os use the according storage directory. To change download info for updates, shadow directory and name it would
    look like this:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
        <branded-name>Your Server Name</branded-name>
  • when I installed software of repetier-server for example in C:\Program Files (x86), I have to save the above script in the www folder?

  • It would be great if u can upload a film on Youtube about these steps.
    I do every step several times.I'm confound
  • For windows the path is C:\ProgramData\Repetier-Server\database\RepetierServer.xml

    The path to shadow directory which replaces www can be selected freely by you with the <shadow-www-directory>path-of-www-shadow</shadow-www-directory> line in the config.
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