Stringing retract distance

I have a X5SA and am using the Repetier-host software with slic3r, I have seen tons of video's on stringing and read countless articles on how to adjust and correct for this and have run enough print samples to know that I need to retract 8mm.  BUT, nothing and no-one will tell you how to enter the settings into the software. every thing i can find just says to adjust it, but, HOW DO YOU DO IT. all i can find is the backup speed (30%) but not the distance setting.   please help.


  • You open slic3r configuration->Printer Settings->Extruder and all options are in Retraction settings. Inlcuding distance and speed. In Filament->Overrides you can override these settings if needed since some filament types need different values.
  • took me a while to figure out to hit the gear first but this is the first post that actually gave useful info on how to set this.  none of the video's were helpful they just assumed the users knew how to drill down to this.   Thank you very much
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    Drilling is the easy portion, use 8mm drill bits and drill the model
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