How to change the loaded css folder on PI Touchscreen?

i followed the instructions how to create a seperate folder with css for the Touchscreen view. 
However i need to know where to adjust it in the boot options, which CSS is loaded.
Any ideas or hints?



  • Please read for this. You need to create a shadow directory with same layout as the original www directory. All files there will replace the original ones. You need to restart the server for it to reload the new config with the shadow directory then reloading the page should show your css instead.
  • thanks, but i meant the preloaded front2 screen on the attached 7" raspi :smile:
    since i found a solution now to adjust the colors, just one open question:
    How can i adjust the font size in the main screen below the icons? Fairly small text
    But i was not able to find the right spot in the ui.css so far :neutral:

  • nevermind, found it :-)
    for others searching for it, it's the font size of .iconlist .icon a h3
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