Laser friendly mode GUI

I'm using Repetier firmware for my Co2 laser with a Mega 2560 and RAMPS 1.4 and Full Graphics 128x64 Lcd with SD card. All works well but I wish that Repetier Host had a laser only mode or was more laser friendly on the GUI side. The path display for G-Code is somewhat lacking for 2d laser engraving/cutting. I wish there were a slicer that had a laser option for 2d laser work. I've tried using other G-Code senders but none were compatible with the protocol of Repetier although Marlin is close. Something like LaserGrbl would be awesome but I lose the Lcd and SD card if I flash to GRBL-Mega. The Repetier firmware works great and if all the non laser related firmware code were removed (no z axis, no extruders, no heated bed, no leveling, etc...), it could be the best laser firmware around. 
 Thank you for amazing software. 


  • At least bed and extruders are not needed in host and can be removed in printer configuration.
    Many printers also have a mountable laser so they require a z axis which is used to focus laser.

    If you enable travel moves you also see the moves. But there are several ways to enable laser depending on firmware and some even have multiple solutions making it hard to improve visualization. Some use M3/M4, some M106 and some extrusion to enable laser for moves. Others also disinguish G0 and G1 for laser on/off.
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