Custom colours for multiextruder preview images


I was wondering if it would be possible to have the rendered preview images for gcodes have individual colour selection for individual prints? That way the image can have the correct colours for a given print and could even say which colours are needed in which extruder.

My thought on it is that once the print is uploaded it renders using the master colour scheme, but when you click on the summary, it offers the choice of colours for each extruder present, much like it does for the material being used.

Just a thought :)


  • How do we know which real color it would have? It depends on what you currently have loaded and what mixing ratios you have programmed. But there is no standard telling us this so we don't know the colors. Maybe when we have integrated our own slicer we might add a solution based on selected filament. But with mixing extruders this will again be difficult and require lots of user settings for each slice or a stored setting if you always use same colors. But then oyu also could just define them in preview settings.
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