Calibration cube with PLA and PETG. PETG is off 0.6mm in Y direction and 0.3 in X direction. Z is ok

To anybody.
I changed from PLA to PETG filament and now the 20mm calibration cube is off off 0.6mm in Y direction and 0.3mm in X direction. Any idea what I can do to correct this problem.

Thanks and best to you all.


  • Sounds like you need a lower extrusion multiplier. With that you can at least correct 0.3mm in each direction. 
  • Ok I will try that.. That is the flow rate - correct! I looked at Repetire - CuraEngine, the Filament settings display and I see FLOW and reduced it to 100. It was 103.     Also, a small add-on question. To tried to upgrade the CuraEngine software, I can find the CuraEngine.exe to move into the Repetier, pluggins, CuraEngine folder but I can not find the CuraEngine.dll, Do you know where that may be found.

    Thanks for the help. Richard 
  • There is no CuraEngine.dll and it is already on the latest supported version. Later versions use incompatible configuration methods.
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