Silent uninstall

With 'Inno Setup' installer you can (un)install silently.

Unfortunately the implemented question about "deleting the registry keys" (as mentioned here) on uninstalling breaks this.

Is there a way (e.g. command line option) to suppress this question?


  • No I guess I haver thought about this. Why should a user want to silently uninstall and bypassing the question?
  • if the user has no admin rights on the machine and the administrator wants to install/update/deinstall the software over night automatically. 
  • Ok, in that rare case it might be usefull. Then you would need to provide a switch for the answer but I have currently no idea how to solve that or if it is possible with inno setup. Until now I wasn't even aware about the silent uninstall option. I guess I only learn what I currently need.

    Any idea how that could be solved as you seem to know inno setup so good?
  • 'Rare case' depends on the point of view ;-) In companies or big organizations this is the default. If there is no possibility to (un)install silently this could be the main argument not to use it.

    I'm such an admin and the first thing on deployment of software is to look which installer was used. Therefore I know that inno setup has silent parameters at all. Unfortunately that's my knowhow about inno.

    I think it should be possible, perhaps you find something here:
    Or ask the maintainer directly.
  • I think I found a solution for /silent switch. Until then 
    /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES might help.
  • That would be fine. Let me know if there is something to test.

    That command is not capable to suppress this box.
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