Cura configuration files

Hi all,
I am using Repetier-Host V.2.1.6 on Windows 10
Connected to a Davinci 1.0a running Repetier 0.92
I am trying to have different settings for different filaments.  I modified Cura's settings and saved them.  It looks like they are saved in [HKEY_CURRENT_USER]\AppData\Local\RepetierHost\CuraEngine\default\filament (there is an ini  file there with values that look familiar.)
Unfortunately I cannot figure out how to recover them.  I have tried import in the Cura tab but it is looking for an rcf file.

thanks in advance


  • No, that key is just the last selected configuration. Open the work directory (is in files menu) -there is a curaengine subdirectory containing the config files per printer. So copy these files to the folder of your printer name.
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