Printer error messages

This week it happened to me that the Y axis limit switch loosened and the printer could not do HOMING.

I also often have problems with the bed temperature sensor.

I understand that if I go to the terminal window I see the error sent by the printer, but sometimes it takes me to realize it since the printer continues to be connected in green color only it does not respond to my commands and when I send to print it somehow eats all the Gcode in a matter of seconds. Since I have a printer farm, I send the files to print and I don't control what happens until after a few hours where I find myself with the surprise that nothing has been printed.

I would like to propose that when the server receives an error command from the printer, it should be shown in red on the main screen or in the notification area or some exclamation mark on the printer and redirect to the terminal viewer.


  • The connection icon red means unconnected which is not true here, so that is a wrong signal. But I see the point in your request. It should be changed maybe in a warning icon to signal a detected problem. But then question is if it is detectable. For errors casing a M999 error message that is doable. If firmware silenty ignores things nothing would happen of course.
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