Change Timelapse Settings on Repetier Touchscreen

Hi, i wanted to change the timelapse options from the raspberry touch overview directly
Since the Raspberry is directly attached to the Printer and the PC or smartphone is not in reach
So it would be nice to change the settings if a timelapse for the next print should be generated or not...


  • Yes might be usefull. Have put it on the todo.
  • also a little idea on setting a seperate retraction length (reduce oozing and noses on the print after returning from screenshot position) and moving speed for the timelapse screenshots
    i had a layershift on a previous print because of lost steps... thats why the different moving speed
  • Screenshot function uses retraction defined in tools configuration for G10/G11.

    Moving should never cause lost steps or your maximm speed in firmware is defined too high. That is what the max speed is for. Motion in timelapse uses xy move speed defined in manual control I think, so there you can also reduce it.
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