Crash on several occasions

Hi there!

I'm trying Repetier 1.0.6 on my Ubuntu 14.04.
The program crashes on several occasions. Sometimes while loading STL-Files, but almost while printing.
The problem doesn't seem to be reproducible.

Is there any way to get an error report ore something?

In addition the G-Code preview the printing table is empty.



  • I guess you have updated your kernel. There seems to be a incompatibility of that kernel with mono. Go back to kernel 3.13.046 i think it was and it should be stable again. See the other 2 threads about this for more details.
  • Hi,

    Yes. using Kernel 3.13.046 seam to work. :)

    But still there is the Problem, that there is no preview. When slicing finished, RH changed to preview tab. But the virtual printing table is empty. I ignored that and started printing anyway. And surprise: A model, I was slicing one day ago, is being printed. :/


  • Check toolbar if you have filament visualization disabled.
  • Things can be so easy. That was ist.
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