Server connected but printer not activated

Hello i am very new to 3D printing but am very computer/technology savvy but coding is a little bit of a struggle unless i see what to write and where to input that data, i have gotten as far as connecting my FLSUN QQ-S Pro to Repetier Server & Host and they communicate with each other but neither show my printer online even though i have it connected via USB but the COM3 attempt doesnt work at all so its all through the server function, 
I am attempting (using an in-depth tutorial) to calibrate my extruder as it may be under-extruding filament
any help here would be greatly appreciated
thank you for your time and i hope to hear from you soon


  • You have it connected with repetier-server then, so check the settings there. Make sure correct firmware (Marlin I guess) is selected and baud rate matches. Recently there were messages that the RTS/DTR values need the other way around to connect. So try with them as well if everything else already matches.
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