How is a monitoring script working?

I have a few questions on monitoring-scripts.
The Repetier-Server is running on a Raspi.
  • which Lua Installation is used to compile the script? is it the one installed on the raspi?
  • are monitoring scripts executed in an own thread?
  • are monitoring scripts compatible with lua-libraries from luarocks?


  • If I run the monitoring script in the terminal with `lua monitoring.lua` it says `attempt to call a nil value (global 'RepetierServer')`. Why can't I access the data of the Repetier-Server with this method?
  • It is a build in lua version. Only that way we could grant them direct access to the server data structures. The script run in an own thread that calls the loop function 100 times per second. But due to static program version I think you can not use libraries relying on extra libraries. Only libraries requiring pure lua code.
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