odd problem with viewing files on the main page?

I have not used Repetier for a while but opened it up this evening and tried to load one of my files
The object group box on the right side of the page shows the file loaded but the main page (3d view) is blank?
I have tried to open a number of files and they all show up on the right side box but none show in the main box?

I recently updated to windows 10 from windows 7 but most other programs seem to work.
I have a similar problem with freecad that I use to make the stl files but other programs like fritzing, kicad and eagle all work fine?

Does anyone have any idea what is wrong? Am I doing something wrong or is there a glitch?
Could there be a connection between the way repetier and freecad show files?


  • Please check if View->Show Faces is enabled or host will not even try to show the model.
    If that is the case check in the log if it succeeded loading a hardware OpenGL driver. If you see the printer shape that should have worked.
  • Thanks for the reply.
    I have checked the view tab and edges, faces and compass all have a black dot against them.
    The 'object group 1' box on the right side shows my file.
    I assume I check the log by clicking on it in the tabs below the 'file, view etc area?
    When I do this the '3d view' and 'temperature curve' tabs along with everything along the bottom and right flash but nothing else changes? should I get a log page?
    I have had problems with OpenGL drivers before, how can I check for them?

  • I mean the box below the 2 tabs. Only visible if enabled and easy mode is off.

    Directly at startup the host writes the detected opengl driver and capabilities into log.
  • I have a box along the bottom of the screen that runs the whole way along the bottom with headings such as 
    'Show in log'   <blue button>   'Commands'   <blue button>   'infos'   <blue button>   etc.
    When I first open the program the box below the headings says 
    <inverted blue> 11:31:42.786 (I assume the time) 'Using fast VBO's for rendering is possible.'
    By clicking on the 'log' at the top I can make the bottom box appear and disappear.
    If I open a file it shows the name of the file on the right side box and the contents of the bottom box change to 
    'Analysing finished.'  The main box remains blank.

  • Ok that is the correct box. Above the Using fast VBO is anothe rline with OpenGL but if you get it it should be available or driver was lying.

    What exactly do you see in main window? Nothing or the bed and just missing the loaded stl file?
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