Web Actions not working after update to 0.94.2

Hi Guys.
I have a number of web actions set up to power on/off printers connected to with a simple http request. These have been working perfectly until applying the latest update - they just don't seem to be called. I have them on menus and on the idle time power offs - issue affects both. I have 2 Rasbperry Pi 3B+ installs, one has been upgraded, one was installed from the latest image (with the configurations restored using the Server Monitor back tool). Once again - both affected.



  • Is the time of the pi correct? With wrong time certificates will not work if time is too much off and hence websites will not load. Used web actions during development a lot without problems.
  • I'll have to check the time but the sonoffs being addressed are completely local and not secured so no certs are involved
  • Just tested my IFTTT web action again and it was working. But I remember an other user had problems with sonoff until he modified the link. I remember that he didn't have the spaces correctly escaped. So what are your settings for them (url, get/post).
  • Thanks for the reply - this is the URL for one of them (they are all the same except for IP address and /off at the end).
  • Not much that can go wrong. Please check server.log after executing. In my case I get

    Executed webAction anycubic_on

    But there is also a logger for a error case so that may explain the problem.
  • Curious. I'm getting the following so it looks like some sort of networking issue:
    2020-08-22 09:19:38: error fetchTextFromWeb:Net Exception: No route to host
    2020-08-22 09:19:38: Execution of webAction e3pon failed. Error Code:400 msg:

    I can't ping the address of the sonoff which is very odd as they are both connected via the same access point (and I can from a laptop connected to the same WAP). 

    At least I now know where to look so I will run some further network diagnostics.
    Thanks for your help.
  • Check routing on pi:
    sudo route -n

    to see which network and gateway pi will use for that network. But you are right the pi routing problem prevents it here.
  • Route looked to be OK and other devices on the same subnet could be pinged without an issue. I re-booted everything (router, access points etc) and all is well. Still an odd one though as nothing else was affected.
    Thanks for your help and apologies for assuming the issue was due to the upgrade.
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