Lua monitoring script in connection with libraries

we want to write a monitoring script for the Repetier-Server. In our script we‘d like to use this socket library ( We tried to include the library via ‘require‘, but if we restart the Repetier-Server, it shows us the error message ‘ loading module 'socket.core' from file '.\socket\': dynamic libraries not enabled; check your Lua installation‘.
Does anybody had the same problem and found a solution? Or does anybody know how to include libraries into a Lua monitoring script?

The Repetier-Server is running on a Raspi.


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    We have the Pro-Version
  • The server is a pure static binary so it runs on all linux versions independent of glibc version and other libraries. My guess is that this is why it does not allow loading dynamic libraries.

    Also I'm not sure it would have worked. The monitor scripts are called 100 times per second and more meant to monitor e.g. pins on a raspberry.

    What problem did you try to solve with the socket?
  • Thanks, it seems like it will not work.
  • Depends on what "it" exactly is. Loading the library will not work but ther emight be other solutions like pipes to other software running on pi or calling external programs. Or having a external program that uses the web api instead.
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