Printer Settings no saving new printer default temperatures.

My Default Extruder temperature is set to 210 and bed at 95.

I want to change that to 215 and bed to 55 so I changed them in the printer settings and press apply and ok.

If I go back to printer settings the changes are there but if I start a job after the printer (Artifex 2) calibrates the default temperatures go back to the original 210 and 95. I have exited the program rebutted my computer but does the same thing for some reason the computer uses the original Default temperature settings that I set when I set them for the first time.

I have 2 computer running in win 97 and it does the same thing in the 2 of them.

Please help. 


  • These default temperatures are active after connect. If you run a printjob this contains temperature commands and these are of course used. SO if they are wrong you need to change the slicer configuration, especially filament temperatures.
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