Prusa slicer configuration does not work


prusa slicer 2.2.0
repetier host 2.1.6
configuring slicer on Repetier
Prusa slicer configuration Directory
PrusaSlicer Executable
C:\Program Files\Prusa3D\PrusaSlicer\prusa-slicer.exe

running the configuration for prusaslicer
configuration wizard
I choose my printer and the filaments

In the prusaslicer the dropdown lists for print settings, filaments and Printers are ok (just what I created)
but in the repetier host all printers and printer settings are shown and just the filaments @MMU1, none of the filaments I configured are shown and none of the user filaments I created are shown as well but they can be seen on the directory

Thank you


  • First there are some new options in Prusa Slicer 2.2 that need extension of host like new infill patterns. I think there was also something else, so there might be some problems until the upgrade to host 2.2 which comes I think in september.

    Next is that Prusa uses massively selection filters to hide a lot of filaments or print profiles depending on selected printer. Host tries to do the same. Please check in your filament to what you limited the selection and if that condition is met in host. If you think it is met, please post the conditions and marker you used in case it is a new syntax.
  • Hello

    Thank you for your prompt reply
    If we use the bundled version then no filaments are shown, even the user's filaments. The bundled Prusaslicer version is 2.0.0 and it does not have list to pick the filaments up as we have in the new version.
    I uninstall both, Repetier and Prusaslicer. I Installed just repetier-host.
    Again using the bundled prusaslicer the behavior is the same, no filaments are shown.
    I assume th conditions in the prusa are the dependencies.
    How do I compare the conditions in the host?
    I took the Slic3rPE folder from another computer installation (only user's filaments are shown in this computer)
    At least now the user's filaments are shown.
    I will compare both folder to check the diferences.
    Perhaps you can send me a Slic3rPE folder or yours.

    Thank you
  • Yes I mean dependencies I guess it is in english. Have prusa on german. If  conditions are empty and compatible printer list is all they should show up.
    My config is not so useful. Only my prusa printer and one custom filament at the moment as I installed a new windows recently. But that were the conditions so I always see it. If you modify a existing filament you also get the conditions in your copy.
  • Why do we configure the printer when we first open the prusaslicer from repetier-host and all print and Printer settings keep being shown in the dropdown list and just the user filamentes on the extruder in the repetier-host?Should not it work as the prusaslicer and show just what we configured?
    I will keep trying to figure it out. 
    Can I send some screenshots?
    Perhaps you can send some dependencies entries as an example.
    Thank you for your help

  • You can use websites like imgur to upload images and then put the link here.
    So far the dependencies detection worked in repetier-host for me. Just make sure host and slicer use same data directory. But if you open it from host to configure it should use same directory.
  • OK
    I will do that
    Thank you
  • Ok that was a harder one. On my mac it showed it correctly on windows not. Reason was that the update info gets cached in the browser and monitor was not getting the current version, also website did not tell to cache it. Have now added a timestamp for next release so that started with next release it should always query the server in real and not use the cache.
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