Automatic pause at Pump failure over ATX Motherboard Fan Header

I'm planning to upgrade my 3D printer hotend to a water cooled one, for this I'm using a pump from Aqua Computer which automatically stops on failures like a "kinked tube" (geknickter Schlauch). Now the feature I would like to request is that repetier server checks the rpm of a fan header (where the rpm control of the pump is connected to) and automatically pauses the print if the rpm goes to 0. This could save the print and could prevent a clog in the hotend or (even if it is unlikely) loosening of the tubes because of the heat traveling to the entire water block.


  • Depends a bit on who is measuring the rpm of the fan. If I assume it is a pi you can adjust this out of filament script:

    just make it pause on rpm instead of a digital pin. As written it triggers pause with out of filament message, but you can easily change the message.

  • Im using Repetier Server pro for windows, is there also a way in this version?
  • The big question is still is how do you get the rpm value? Who measures it and how can you read it. The essence of the script is to detect the trigger condition and call a url which is of course also possible in windows. E.g. curl exists as windows version so you can use that to send the pause command. All you still need is to detect rpm failure and there the question is how to measure.

    If firmware measures it and sends a message on failure it would be even easier as we have a parser to act on data send in gcodes->advanced printer configuration.
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