Download gcode file frm Rep_Server

How can I download a file from Repetier-Server (PI)  that has been printed already ?


  • Depends on if you have uploaded it as model or printed directly. Direct prints get deleted after print is finished, so no download. For g-codes stored in print you go to 2d preview. There you can also download a gcode.
  • Thanks.  I am using the Rep-Server-Monitor, pushing the sliced GCode file over the Pi-  so that file gets deleted after print finished. It is also deleted in my local folder from which it gets transferred. Any chance to impletement an option to copy the file to a backup-folder ?  Thanks a lot
  • That option already exists. You pushed it into the print folder then and that is the expected behaviour. Save it into gcodes/Default or any other subfolder in gcodes and it will store the file permanently in the group with name of subfolder. You will then see it in monitor in print tab and can start print from there and file will stay until you explicitly delete it.
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