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I have a problem when printing large objects.
My printer (Geeetech Acrylic I3 Pro B ) is anounced to can print Objects up to 200 x 200 mm.
I wanted to print some letters and the size of the object ist aprox. 170mm in width, see picture 1 which was taken from the screen from repetierHost 1.6.0. ther is everything inside. Then I slice it with slic3r -Slic3r-1.38.4-prusa3d-win64-full - see picture 2 . After that return to RepetierHost - see picture 3. And when printing the object the last "n" in the first line causes some trouble when printed and the head ist rising up for a few centimeters and the Object ist missbuild.
Please give me a advice where I can / should change parameters or use another version of which software - in this case please tell me where to find / download. The printable size is set to 200 x 200 mm.
- sorry I see that it is not possible to post pictures or a pdf.
so I describe picture 1: the letters are symetric possitioned in the middle of the bed, left and right a free space of approx. 2cm.
picture 2: Slic3r the letters are still positione symetric.
picture 3: after return to repetier Host: there is a left gap of 4 cm on the right side the last letter is positionied beside the bed.
Is there any possibility to post the pictures as jpg or as pdf ?

Thanks in advance.
Greetings from Salzburg
Wilhelm Kästner


  • No images can only be added when stored on some external source like imgur or come from your public dropbox or an other of these free services.

    Since you use an old host version there is a chance that slic3r does it's own positioning ignoring the position from host. Some versions had a switch in host slicer settings to prevent this. In any case that would mean that the bed definition in slic3r might differ in size so it's center is 4cm off what you defined in host. So check the slic3r printbed definition as well. And maybe update to newer host version.
  • thanks for your fast advice - I corrected the output settings in slic3r for the printer.
    its better now but I still have to do some testing. You write I am using an old host version - which version should I use for this printer and what slicer ? The repetierHost Version came with the printer, I already changed the Version of the slic3r because the original Version which came with the printer was much buggy. Thank you for your help.
    Greetings from Salzburg
    Wilhelm Kästner

  • Just download from our homepage the latest version 2.1.6 - especially if your host is already named Repetier-Host it is the official version anyway and not a specially branded version. It already contains the newest slicers supported.
  • Hello,
    in the meantime I have installed the newest Version of Repetier-Host (2.1.6) and with this the slic3r 1.3.1 on a laptop.
    In the printer-settings - Bed shape the size of 200 x 200 mm.
    When the printhead ist at home-Position, it needs to got to x 24 to be at the left starting position on the bed.
    I have left the Origin for x and y to zero.

    If I now start printing an object with max. x=180mm then the printer starts with the skirt which is set 2mm distance from object.  It goes at y= on the bed for aprox. 180mm from x=home then lifts the head 0.25 mm (one layer) higher, goes to y = 180mm, goes then to x=0 which is 24mm beside the bed and there it comes to y=0 again.
    There are 2 problems: the first is where to set the distance between x home and the left boarder of the bed which are approx. 24mm. I tried to set the Origin x to 24 which changed nothing when printing.
    the second problem ist the lifting of the head when reached 180mm = the max. x-size of the object.
    Please can anyboy tell me where to change the settings, so I can use then max. width of the bed with 200 x 200 mm and the complete printing to land on the bed.
    Thanks for any advice.
    I will start with testing again on next Wednsday.
    Greeting from Salzburg
    Wilhelm Kästner
  • Hello, I did some add. testing - the problem (second) of lifting the printhead in the right area is solved, the cable to the fan in the printhead was too short. sorry - my fault.
    concerning the printable size I tried the following parameters:
    slic3r:Bed shape:size x:220 y=200
    Origin x:20 y:0
    RepetierHost printer settings:
    x-min 0 x-max 260    
    y-min 0 y-max 210
    width printing area 260  (x)
    y: 200
    z: 180
    with these parameters it works and the letters are complete on the bed.
    Which parameters would you use ?
    And can you give me the average speed-parameters which should be used for this printer.
    Thanks for any advice.
    Greeting from Salzburg
    Wilhelm Kästner

  • Set x min 0, x max = whatever you can reach, left = 24 = where your bed starts and then bed width 200. That way you see the bed starting at 24 and it uses correct position for autoposition. You should see then the origin dot in host a bit left to the bed.
  • Hello, I did some testing and now it works as it should. today I printed a object with 195 x 195 mm.
    Thank you.
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