Server commands

2 things.

1. On the new raspberry Pi image I can’t scroll through the server commands. I have 4 relays set up. But can’t access all them.

2 if I don’t use the raspberry Pi image , but install over the raspberry Pi os, I don’t have the server commands page. How can I fix it so I do?



  • The server commands come from a definition file /var/lib/Repetier-Server/database/extcommands.xml as described in manual under advanced configuration. Your image has one to allow shutdown/reboot of the pi. If you don't use the image you must define it on your own.

    What do you mean with "I have 4 relays set up. But can’t access all them." - do you not see them in the list also you defined them or do they just not work because configuration was bad? Typical problem here is that you forget that scripts are executed as user repetierserver so that user must have permission to read and execute your referenced script. If you use sudo you must put that script in the sudoer allow list for repetierserver as you can not answer the password question, so sudo must work without that question for user repetierserver. As a simple test run

    sudo -u repetierserver yourcommand

    in the shell. Then you see if it would work or why not.

  • I have 4 relays setup. they all work, but I can't get the page to scroll up to access relay 3 and 4. it worked fine before the update. not sure how to fix
  • now I  installed the server on the raspberry pi os. I created the file /var/lib/Repetier-Server/database/extcommands.xml, and copied and pasted the shutdown and reboot text from the manual.   but it doesn't show up on the web page. did I miss something?
  • Please update to 0.94.1 - the scrolling not working was a bug in 0.94.0.
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