Viewing temperature data graphs

Hello I am trying to utilize the temperature data graph but finding it a bit difficult. In particular I am wondering what each line color represents, purple seems obviously target, the blue actual, but the green I am confused by. 

I am also wondering if there is somewhere else that I can view these graphs? I would really like to be able to view them for the whole print, especially for the bed, but can't find them anywhere.


  • The green area is output power of the heater in percent. You have the graph in dashboard and one where you can see all graphs at once per printer.

    Graphs show only last 5 minutes and data is not stored. You can activate reports then you get a report about temperature deviation during the complete print sou you see 70% inside +/-1%, 20% for 2% etc. plus some key data about the print. All as nice pdf report for your documentation if needed.
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