Multiple Instances [Different Locations]

Hi there!

At first i have to say, Repetier is a wonderful way to realise my printers. Thank you for that!

There is something i want to work on and thats why i try to find some answers here in the forum.
I got some printers working in Room Nr.1, but there is also Room Nr. 2.
At the moment in Room Nr. 2 is a Rack i hold some servers in.

Now i want to add a special Hardware-Repetier Server 1HE into the Rack, but do not want to have five or more USB Cables 10m going across the floor from Room 1 to Room 2.

Is there a way to realise it correctly?
My plan is it, to have more than Room Nr.1 and 2.

Easier told:
Room Nr. 1 = 3 Printers [One Mini PC with Repetier on it to handle these and "connect/translate" them to the Network]
Room Nr. 2 = 3 Printers [One Mini PC with Repetier on it to handle these and "connect/translate" them to the Network]
Room Nr. 3 = Rackserver including repetier "Main" Host, wich is the main gate to connect on and start prints or check running

I really hope you can follow my words xD.

Thank you and a good day,


  • I'm not so sure if 10m usb cables are a good idea at all. Will likely cause communication errors with that length where usb is not officially specified.

    Easier solution is to use server as designed if you already plan a mini server per room. So install a server instance on each mini pc and that's it. You can add an extra pc with server for slow computations are to store all projects, but each mini pc will have it's own gcodes for the printers.

    Now with the regular gui you need 2 webpages to handle them, but assuming you have a pro version use our Repetier-Server Monitor on a pc to control them all. The monitor glues together several server instances into one nice gui plus some extras like backup or upload by storing files in special folders.

    A solution with only one pc running server is also possible, but much more risky. You can have sokat on each mini pc to forward tcp port to serial. But any network problem can break your prints, so that is not the preferred way. Plus all printers depend on one pc so mods/updates need all rooms to stop. With the better soliution only one room needs printers stopped to update.
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