Cancel Object

Hi. I print objects that overlap at different heights and the solution of ignoring areas does not work for me.
Could we cancel objects based on tags like other softwares do?


  • Marlin have that in the firmware.

    Could this work in the middle of a print?

  • In general there is no hint which move belongs to which object that is why we have the region solution. They also normally do not overlap or slicers will normally complain, but it can be hard to say where they will end.

    If you modified marlin and you know which object has which id and used that postprocessor adding the required marker you could send that command. You can send commands during print so that would not be the problem and since server is not really involved except sending the command you can use that.
  • What could happen to the instruction buffer if Marlin decides to quickly skip an entire object and Repetier can't fill it by trying to send him the entire object?
    Could it cause the head to stop for a moment ruining the other parts?

    It is something I must try.
  • Yes, since it is handled inside firmware it can only react on the lines it get so if it needs to skip a longer part a short pause will most likely happen. Here the server internal solution has the advantage that it can internally skip a lot of lines much quicker.

    But that gives me a good idea for our planned slicer:-) We could add a list of objects and marker so we can offer that instead for skipping then.
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