Adjust Interval for "temp" event send by repetier server

Is there a way to adjust the interval for the "temp" event sent by the server?

It appears that the event is sent periodically and is not based on a temperature change. So is there a way to adjust this interval or something similar?

I am writing a repetier-server client in C# and would like to collect temperature information among other things.  This works fine for me, but I have noticed that a lot of data sent from the server is exactly the same in a short time and instead of discarding data, I rather would like to adjust the event interval.

Little sidenode:
The repetier server api documentation ( could need an update. :-)

Best regards

M. Bartholet


  • No it is one set every second normally. You can compress it internally if you like but even for unchanged value i need to send that it is same at current time. 
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