Is it possible to get custom messages on the Android app?

I currently have the Repetier-Informer App set up to notify me whenever anything happens on my printer.  Currently, I get print start and print finish notifications which is great!

However, before I start my print I prep my printer (heat up the bed and extruder, home all axes, position the extruder, etc).  It would be great if I could get the app to tell me that step is complete (after all my commands listed in my custom command finish).  The last command is a wait command (waits for the bed to finish warming up).  I was hoping to be able to add another command at the end to fire off a push notification on the Repetier-Informer App.

My Current Custom Command (Prep For PLA Inland):
;sets fan speed
;S = target speed from 0-255
M106 S255
;sets extruder temp and continue without waiting
;S = target temp
M104 S180
;linear move with extrusion
;F = movement speed used until set again
;Z = position of z axis to move to
G1 F2400 Z6
@pause ;This is a test
;auto home
;X = include x axis
;Y = include y axis
;Z = include z axis
G28 X Y Z
;linear move with extrusion
;F = movement speed used until set again
;Z = move to position on z axis
G1 F2400 Z25
;wait for bed temp to be reached
;R = target temp
M190 R65
;wait for extruder temp to be reached
;R = target temp
M109 R180

Is this possible?



  • Sure it is in server manual advanced themes->server commands.
    If you add
    @pushmessage some text
    you get a message what that line is reached. Note that server sends some commands in advance so yoú might want to prepend a
    line so you know it gets only executed after the previous commands had been executed.
  • Awesome!  I'll give that a shot.  Thanks!
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