Best Practices When Upgrading Repetier-Server Raspberry Pi Image

I'm at the point where I'm about to upgrade from my current version of 0.91.2 to the new stable release of 0.94.1.  I want to ensure I keep all the custom settings that I have made to the server.  For example, I want to keep my current print files uploaded to the server, all the projects I have created, and saved on the server as well as all my custom commands, etc.

So what's the proper method for upgrading the Raspberry Pi image while retaining all the custom settings made?


  • I just found this jewel...

    I'm about to start following that guide to back up everything.  Does this guide walk me though backing up everything mentioned in my original post?  Is there anything that has changed in the backup process with the newer versions etc?
  • That still works.
  • Thanks Repetier!  It ended up being a smooth process but I ran into issues after the upgrade with communication to the printer.  I'm working that issue out on another post though.  Great walkthrough!
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