Pi2 and printer Hardware?

Hello all,

What hardware are you using and finding works well or not with Raspberry Pi?



  • All printers should run equally well. Just make sure the Pi 2 gets enough power. I had used a cheap usb cable for powering at the beginning and had constantly underpower. Using the same usb power adapter with usb cable having thicker power lines I can even power a mega + ramps + display with the pi 2.
  • I have been trying to run a pi2 as a print server for a little while and I have been having some wait issues. I'm currently using a Mac until it is resolved.
  • It seems that the wait(s) has been fixed. Cable from the printer is plugged into rpi2 and also the cable for the WiFi. The rpi2 is using the recommended high current power supply.
  • I have repetier server hooked up to a raspberry pi 2.  During the print, it will print a layer, then pause, print again, pause, etc.  I am using a usb powered hub.  I also have a web cam hooked up.  I wonder if there are not enough resoures for the pi to handle?
  • Can you show the log from such a hang plus/minus 100 lines around that time, so we can see if there is a reason in communication. It could also be a process on the pi taking too much resources. Makes sure you always have free memory and the processor does not start swapping. Apart from wearing out the sd card swapping slows down everything too much, so best is to have no swap space at all.

    htop is a nice command line tool to see if somewhere a process is binding too much cpu.
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