Button missing in Fennec Browser

Hey again ;-)

I have a question belonging to the User Interface. I recently grabbed an old tablet to our printer and i saw that the actions menu button is missing and the console view has a print job windows (first picture). this differs to the standard look in the second picture.

the tablets runs an old Android 4.4 with a totally recent Fennec Browser (Firefox Fork from F-Droid).
The second screenshot was taken from Firefox on Windows.

I cannot explain the difference. Do you have any idea? I wanted to check the Fennec browser but it seems it has no inspector to see errors. Using the tablet i only can access the actions by using the front2/www/app.html interface

by the way i installed the same Fennec Browser on my Honor smartphone and there the missing icon is present.

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  • The console side bar can be due to width. It only appears on wide screens.

    The menu icon I can not explain. It uses same html/css as the other buttons to the left and there is no disable function programmed. So if you inspect it the html code should be present. Not sure if you can inspect it - on tablet it normally does not work. Only on desktop firefox maybe when it is connected to usb. At least for iOS Safari I can do it that way.
  • Hi, 2 years later and still having my machine project, i already switched to Firefox on the same tablet by updating the operating system to Android 5. I got the most recent Firefox version now but the menu is still missing.

  • You show the menu that is missing, right? Sorry a bit confused why you show a menu you claim you can not see on your tablet with that firefox version where it seems to appear.
  • hi, yes the menu with the "planet" icon is missing (next to the regular dropdown). this menu contains the custom commands. on my posted screenshot that menu is missing.
  • I just checked it in firefor 97 on mobile and it appears. But as you should know it only appears when at least 5 web actions and external commands are associated with the printer. Otherwise the commands appear in the regular context menu. I see webcam zoom 100% and 500% and one more action, so that makes 3 so in this case the extra icon will not appear.. Or are there some more actions I missed?
  • hi. no thats fine. i have about 30 actions. On other devices that menu occurs. Problem is still that i have no inspector on the tablet version to see what could be wrong. On my Huawei Honor 10 it looks fine and on desktop browser too.
  • You can inspect it in desktop firefox if you connect with usb cable and enable usb debugging in android firefox in settings.

    My oldest android is S8 and that has Android version 9, so maybe that makes a difference.

    How are the webcam actions implemented? Are these webactions or external commands or something different. As they appear in hamburger menu the test

    function updateReduceContect() {
    let n = 0
    angular.forEach($scope.externalCommandsFiltered, function(x) {
    if(x.remote && x.slug === $scope.activeSlug) {
    angular.forEach($scope.webCalls, function(x) {
    if(x.show_in_menu && x.slug === $scope.activeSlug) {
    $scope.reduceConextMenu = n > 4
    seems not to result in reduceContextMenu becoming true. And as I only see 3 entries that would be correct. If same printer has more entries on other browsers the question would then become why the list does not contain all 30 entries. But as said not number of entries in web action is relevant, but the number of actions assigned to that printer!.
  • i finally found the issue: it was me having another user account on the tablet (which i totally forgot) , which has no permission to configure the printer. for that reason the menu does not appear. would it be possible to rewrite the permissions for this? a lot of actions in this menu do not belong to an internal volatile configuration, but to use the printer daily
  • I see. Really hard to always think about this when working as admin always:-) Should really allow setting required permissions here per web action. Will see if I can add it for next release.
  • Currently web calls require print permission, not configure permission, btw.
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