Button missing in Fennec Browser

Hey again ;-)

I have a question belonging to the User Interface. I recently grabbed an old tablet to our printer and i saw that the actions menu button is missing and the console view has a print job windows (first picture). this differs to the standard look in the second picture.

the tablets runs an old Android 4.4 with a totally recent Fennec Browser (Firefox Fork from F-Droid).
The second screenshot was taken from Firefox on Windows.

I cannot explain the difference. Do you have any idea? I wanted to check the Fennec browser but it seems it has no inspector to see errors. Using the tablet i only can access the actions by using the front2/www/app.html interface

by the way i installed the same Fennec Browser on my Honor smartphone and there the missing icon is present.

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  • The console side bar can be due to width. It only appears on wide screens.

    The menu icon I can not explain. It uses same html/css as the other buttons to the left and there is no disable function programmed. So if you inspect it the html code should be present. Not sure if you can inspect it - on tablet it normally does not work. Only on desktop firefox maybe when it is connected to usb. At least for iOS Safari I can do it that way.
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