It sais in the config that for timelapse we need to set a jpg url, and I was just wondering if repetier Server will do the timelapse in the future?
It should be fairly easy to grab the image every n seconds, or trigger it on each layer change (possibly with the option of inserting a head-move) and finally pump the images through ffmpeg (or the modern day equiv).
The video could then be available for download after print is finished, or stopped/cancelled.

Hope this is the plan all along.


  • Yes, it is on our plan after slicer integration.As you said it is just collecting images and merging them to a video afterwards.
  • Awsome!
    It is looking really good so far.  I plan on getting work to support this as we can use it on our printer in the office.

    Will the server support some sort of proxy solution for the access to the webcam? I notice I have to configure both the server and the cam to be accessible from outside for it to work outside local net. Otherwise the server just embeds an url with IP that is inaccessible.
  • Not sure about the proxy. Would surely be a good solution to make it easy but I have never written a proxy so not sure how easy that is. The still images would be no problem but the mjpg is a endless image and that would be more of a problem.

    Alternatively use ha proxy on your computer to unify both under one port. Then you could even use port 80 so you do not need to add the :3344 every time.
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