M117, M118, M291 for Duet 2


i am using recent Repetier Server and Duet 2 controller to communicate with. I worked a lot with M117, M118 and M291 commands. After a longer time i can say that Repetier Server has some problems with M117 and M118 and Duet. If we use those commands too frequently  i get errors like this "Mesg:15:12:09.888: Buffer used:73 Enforced free byte:71 lines stored:1". This does not happen using M291.

In the Duet Web Control interface those commands work without problems. I think it must have to do sth. with the blocking/non-blocking modality.

Do you have any idea?

regards, Mario


  • These come from communication errors.
    Buffer used:73 Enforced free byte:71 lines stored:1
    gets send after a timeout. Here you see one line with 73 bytes was send. The next line requires 71 byte and does not fit into buffer, so we have to wait for the "ok" for the stored line, but it never reached server. So at some point you get a timeout and it continues.

    When you enable logging can you see a "o" or "k" instead of "ok" near that message?

    When firmware sends line numbers along with ok we can normally fix the missed ok, otherwise there is no way to tell we missed one. Currently not sure if RepRapFirmware can be set to send lines but the syntax to catch it like in marlin is at least there.

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