Adaptive probing/outline function

I suggest a rectangular frame created by Repetier that displays the outline of a print. The software should return X0/Y0 for one corner and X1/Y1 for the opposite corner. Those values then should be made available for the user f.e. as variables, so one can use them a probing area. Acess with Marlin via:
/ Set the boundaries for probing (where the probe can reach).

1. It is not necessary to probe the whole bed, if you print much smaller objects
2. Probing will be faster because the area is smaller
3. Probing will be more precise with the same number of probing points or faster if only the needed area is probed.

4. Could be used for a (future)  adaptive heated bed etc. as well.  


  • Normally the number of probe points is compiled in so nothing you can change on the fly. So changing the area does not speed it up. If the area is too small error might even increase since the effect of a small deviation on rotation increases. If you have distortion correction it would increase the data density on that area which is the only advantage. But the density must be high enough to cover the whole area for big prints, so the gain is more or less neglecteble or your config was not good enough from the start. So it is mainly a added complication that most users will confuse and a point of error since firmwares work differently and might change. So I think I will not add this as a "automatic" option. In object placement you can check coordinates if you press the gear icon. Then you can change the values in eeprom editor (also I can not remember if marlin has this as eeprom parameter at all - quite sure we don't have it in the list). Do you know if that is in eeprom changeable and with which commands?
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