PLEASE consider adding SD support.

Repetier-Server is great. It does some things really well, others could use some improvement, but it's actively developed which is very appreciated (especially for a lifetime license holder).

That being said, it's been asked before by myself and many others, and I'll ask again: please, please please add SD support. Too many random server issues (things that are often beyond the control of the devs) can destroy prints. Giving us the option just to print from SD-- even if we couldn't upload or have any further control over the files-- would make RS an amazing software suite.

Please consider it. Adding the functionality to list and print from a card isn't a great challenge, and as integrating it with the rest of RS as a whole may be, perhaps just introduce the basic functionality for now?

Thanks for your consideration.


  • You really loose most of the benefits, but it is on my plan. But this is not a small thing if you want to do it right. My guess is that it takes a month of development to get it correct on all parts and guis we have. That is also why it has to wait a while more. The next big thing is something else.

    But meanwhile in 0.94.1 we have added a reset free reconnect to continue prints when usb got lost for a second (like it happens on pi with power problems). That should make more prints not fail.
  • The only downside that I see is the speed and annoyance of uploading over USB. But for users like me who do production runs of very specific parts, it would be a life saver. Server issues, even momentary ones, are extremely frustrating and unavoidable in my experience. The reconnect feature is nice, but it's not cutting it for me.

    Would you consider adding rudimentary / experimental support? Heck, I'll be your beta tester.
  • I'm considering this for V2 release. There I will do a bigger modification anyway so I can add it to the concept.
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